European Lean Enterprise Alliance Network (EuroLEAN+) is a community of industry and knowledge institutes across Europe that collects and adds value to information about customised Lean. The alliance is funded by the EU under Erasmus+, and exists to build a coherent body of knowledge that draws on best practices and insights from both industry and academia.


 EuroLEAN+ project aims at

Customized Lean Knowledge Community

EuroLEAN+ Knowledge Base

MOOC for Customised Lean

Feasibility Study for a Joint Master Program


News & Insight


How to get involved

You can get involved in EuroLEAN+ by contacting one of the four institutes. Keep up to date by following our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter further down to get more insight information.

EuroLEAN+ offers a number of events and the ability to network with other institutes and organizations devoted to improving and increasing the use of customized Lean.

Join us, and make customized Lean a reality!