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TNO is a nonprofit company, founded in the Netherlands in 1932. The company is dedicated to strengthening the Netherlands’ competitiveness. Shorter life cycles, shorter delivery times and an increase in customer-specific variants are some of the challenges the manufacturing industry is facing.

In order to meet the challenges presented by the industry, a large range of knowledge is required. TNO aims to support companies face the challenge with knowledge gained through many years experience.

Product innovation is seen as extremely important, where involvement of company disciplines is considered essential. Personnel involvement was core for many companies in increasing productivity, and securing a capable workforce. Innovation comes from “knowledge, motivation, creativity and involvement of people” according to Klass ten Have, TNO Business Line Manager. TNO has worked with many companies, such as Tobroco Machines, Goma and DAF Trucks, and built knowledge to support these companies and others.

The TNO Approach to manufacturing innovation include a wide range of knowledge and tools. Optimization of the supply chain, Lean Order Processing and Design for Manufacturability are but some of the tools they use. TNO’s team continuously develops and applies new expertise and tools in companies, and stresses that deploying the tools interactively with all relevant parties is the only way to put TNO’s expertise into action.

Download here the TNO publication about Increasing Productivity and Flexibility in Manufacturing.

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