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In Arnhem, Netherlands, on 20th and 21st of October 2015, the Kick-Off to the EuroLEAN+ took place. At this meeting, a summarized overview of EuroLEAN+ was presented. The strategic outcome, “an established knowledge community on Customized Lean” will include partner universities, research institutes and companies. The intellectual outputs will include a Customized Lean Knowledge Community and a knowledge database of case studies and best practices. The outputs will also include an online Master Course to support the community and knowledge database, as well as an Erasmus+ joint master program. Organizational aspects and budget were also presented to participants.


news 2 bAfter the introduction, companies like Kongsberg Maritime and Ringoplast presented information about opportunities and issues. Topics such as success stories, links between companies, and knowing the primary focus of a company were presented. Following this, parallel sessions allowed groups to discuss the four intellectual outputs and define them. An action plan, with action items for each intellectual output was created to ensure progress in the project. A summary of the events and the EuroLEAN+ project concluded the meeting.

 Have a look at the agenda of the meeting: Kick-Off meeting Arnhem