EuroLEAN+ develops a master course on Customised Lean that utilizes new and innovative ways of teaching and learning, enabling close interaction with industry through case studies and online discussion forums.

In order to create a lasting experience, persona, scenarios and educational items have been developed and are being analysed for their needs.

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MOOC context and content

EuroLEAN+ will develop a structure, identification of the subjects, the didactical program, teaching methods, a platform and virtual learning environment and related technologies to create a course on Customised Lean.


Meet the target users of our Online Master Course:

The Parttime Student Christina (25)

She has a middle level education before her current study. She was/is trained for a technical job for a app 3 years. This means she has a lot of experience on the job floor and already knows LEAN (at least the basics of it).

The Master Student Jonas (23)

He already has done a Bachelor study of 3 years classroom teaching. His study up to now is mostly theoretical. Subject of his bachelor is Industrial engineering or management. This means he has a basic grasp of the meaning of LEAN but not an real knowledge of the subject.

The Production Manager - Claire (35)

She has an education on Bachelor or Master level and 10 years of working experience. She likes to be in a group of colleague/peers to discuss problems and work related subjects.

The Senior Specialist Jerome (40)

He had a technical education, and gained a lot of experience and training on site and through courses. After some years he reached a senior level and became the head of a department.

The Team Leader Agnes (43)

She needs knowledge about LEAN because she has to get the workers involved and motivated and has to disseminate the knowledge to her team. She is the spearhead and leads the team in the change

The Operator - Johnny (53)

The company is introducing a LEAN program so Johnny needs to develop knowledge about certain aspects of LEAN. He does so under the guidance of Agnes.

The Consultant - Hans (30)

Studied a technical subject, or management (Bachelor/master level). Likes to have more experience in LEAN. Discussion with other students and companies how to apply tools and techniques. Likes to develop his understanding. Done already some projects.

The Teacher - Theo (45)

He wants to do a post doc in teaching and needs to gain extra knowledge. He wants to learn about the tools and techniques of LEAN and he is interested in using (parts of) the course material.


Education and training scenario's


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