In June, the EuroLEAN+ team presented Organizing the Shop Floor in High-Variety/Low-Volume at the 2018 QRM World Conference in Eindhoven.  Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a strategy that focuses on cutting lead times in companies offering high-mix, low-volume, and custom-engineered products to reduce cost and improve profitability, performance, and quality. The conference ran from June 18th-20th and included masterclasses, workshops, case studies, simulation games and networking opportunities.
The EuroLEAN+ team at the 2018 QRM World Conference
Image: The EuroLEAN+ team at the 2018 QRM World Conference 

The EuroLEAN+ track included the following presentations:

EuroLEAN+ team member Jannes Slomp, who both attended and presented at the conference, commented, "it was interesting to notice that at the QRM conference most keynote speakers stressed the importance of creating cross-functional teams for reducing throughput times of jobs."  

The Euro-LEAN track deepened this topic by showing the importance of routing analysis (Jannes Slomp)  and leadership (Paul van Loon) when designing and moving towards (semi-) autonomous teams.

The track gave a broader perspective on measures to reduce throughput times. Erlend Alfnes gave an overview of useful lean and QRM tools that can be used for lead time reduction. He also illustrated how the Euro-LEAN+ project creates support for students and practitioners searching for, and willing to learn, tools. Oladipupo Olaitan presented an interesting case and showed the importance of constraint analysis when deciding where and how to use a card-based control strategy.

Gu van Rhijn explained how new technology may revolutionize the workfloor.  She illustrated this by showing developments in computer guided assembly, using projector technology. This will improve efficiency, quality and flexibility. Developments in this area are on-going. Menno Herkes further illustrated elements of the Euro-LEAN+ project and also presented initiatives of the Euro-LEAN+ group for a new European project.  A key element to that project will be the development of ‘Network Action Learning’, which broadens and deepens the cooperation of students, researchers and practitioners in the development of the factory of the future and, simultaneously, educating  future operations managers.

Overall, the QRM World Conference was a great success, bringing together many industry and academic professionals in the quick response manufacturing community. 

Full room

Image: Jannes Slomp presenting to a full room of attendees at the 2018 QRM World Conference. 

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